Always On Call, Pregl Responds Quickly

On Saturday 30 January 2016, Pregl Services received a phone call on one of their “on-call” phones to give advice on a fan blade that dislodged and was sucked into a hot zone.

Within 2 hours, a Pregl Employee was on site analyzing the situation. After deliberation, it was decided that Pregl was to take the hot zone and perform an expedited rebuild of the system. The plan was to have the hot zone rebuild with the customers carbon insulation, but everything else was to be provided.

The hot zone was taken from the customer that Saturday and the end packs were to follow. Once in the shop, everything was engineered and dismantled; The outer shells were removed and cleaned while the plenums were sent out to be sandblasted. While this was taking place, the start of manufacturing of the ancillary components took place this includes, but not limited to, Molybdenum Hangers, PFT Blocks, Molybdenum Jumper/Connector bars, pins, and bung doors. The hot zone was then cleaned of excess media and started its transformation into a reconditioned furnace.

The bung doors were warped and cracked, so a oversized plate was attached to each bung opening to ensure longevity of the endpacks. The welds on the gas nozzle weld nuts were all reinforced with new welds as well. The new insulation pack was put in with an extra 1/2” of felt and a flex shield barrier along with new gas nozzles.

Elements were all sheared and strengthening beads rolled in-shop. The job was very time sensitive and the man hours put in were strenuous, however the job was completed and delivered to the satisfied customers’ facility on 16 Feb 2016.

This quick turn around was achieved by Pregl Services Inc’s vast knowledge and industry connections to facilitate this project.

Photos of the repair process