Pregl repairs, rebuilds and reconditions all brands of vacuum pumps and blowers.

We start with a careful in-coming visual inspection and a complete tear-down. Thorough inspection, analysis and evaluation are performed to determine the necessary steps for repair, rebuild and reconditioning. Prior to the performance of any work, a written quote will be provided for customer approval. There is no charge for tear-down, inspection or quoting.

Upon customer approval, the rebuild begins with a detailed cleaning of all components in a caustic hot tank. Typical pump rebuilds include: gaskets, o-rings, seals, sight glasses, pump bearings, motor bearings, vee belts, zytel clappers, standard springs, valve seat grind, freeze plugs, oil, solenoid valve with coil, check valve(s), motor to solenoid valve wiring in seal tight and other parts and fittings as required.

The pump is reassembled. Comprehensive leak and pressure testing are performed. Finally, the pump is re-painted and prepared for shipment.