Design, engineer, build, instal, maintain or repair – Pregl knows hot zones.

Hot zones are a critical component to your thermal processing operations and keeping them in peak condition is at the core of what we do at Pregl. Collaborating with your staff, Pregl’s team of engineers and craftsmen will design, build and implement the optimal, cost-effective solution for your hot zone application. Pregl maintains a complete set of engineering drawings for each customer job, ensuring accuracy and repeatability on future projects.

2 types of NEW hot zone construction.

Pregl Furnace Mate™ standard graphite hot zones provide durability and a high level of thermal efficiency. Each Pregl all-graphite hot zone includes insulation with graphite felt and graphite board with a hot face of bonded graphite foil. Pregl hot zone elements are designed to be quick and easy to install.

Pregl Furnace Mate™ all-metal hot zones are the choice when you need a very clean processing atmosphere. Pregl Furnace Mate™ all-metal hot zones include a heat shield package with three layers of molybdenum backed by two stainless steel sheets.

All Pregl hot zones come with complete hearth systems included!

All NEW Pregl Furnace Mate™ Hot Zones are modular in design for ease of installation.