Pregl Showcases Innovation on Hot Zone Rebuild

Advanced spray nozzle design provides easy install/replacement and improves furnace efficiency.

Pregl Services, Inc. (Pregl), providers of comprehensive aftermarket support to the thermal processing industry, today announced a contract to rebuild a large vacuum furnace hot zone for a large commercial heat treater in the Central U.S.

Pregl graphite spray nozzles feature an innovative tapered lock mounting system, which allows the nozzles to be attached to the INSIDE of the plenum. This makes installation and replacement of the spray nozzles significantly easier. In addition, each nozzle is secured with Pregl’s unique graphite washer. The washer improves the sealing capacity of each nozzle to the composite board insulation, which improves the overall efficiency of the furnace.

The hot zone rebuild will include: removal of all insulation, shielding and hardware; repair and replacement of all damaged components; cleaning and repair of the plenum; and the installation of new insulation, elements/element hangers, Pregl’s innovative spray nozzles, and shielding. The hot zone will be rebuilt at Pregl’s facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.

To learn more about Pregl’s new and rebuilt hot zones, and replacement parts for major vacuum furnace brands from Pregl Express Parts™, please visit or call 608.314.8260.