Pregl Services Offers Fast Repair Turnaround on Vacuum Furnace

Pregl Services Inc. (Pregl), was contacted by a Southern Region Gas Turbine Rebuild Shop for a quick turn around repair on a bung door for their vacuum furnace. Upon receiving the unit, without any prints or technical data, Pregl used their experience to provide the quickest turn around.

Every part from the deteriorated bung door was sketched by our highly-qualified furnace specialists to be transitioned to CAD drawings by engineering. The unit was then stripped, cleaned and fully inspected. Once this process was completed, the new insulation was laid in the unit utilizing brand new Molybdenum pins. Pregl’s commitment to long-lasting, high-quality workmanship is reflected by its choice to reengineer the insulation pack.

During tear down, it was noticed that their was only a 1/2” graphite felt pack, Molybdenum Cap Shields, and .030” CC Flexshield from the OEM. Pregl Services bolstered the protection with 4-1/2” of graphite felt, 1” of Graphite Rigid Board to give a backing for the .047” CFC to increase impact strength; all incased by a Molybdenum Cap System.

This project started at the Pregl Services repair facility on a Monday and shipped out on Thursday. This kind of speed and quality facilitated a short and manageable downtime for the customer.

Photos of the repair process