AIVD Coater Repair, Rebuild & Reconditioning

Pregl repairs, rebuilds and reconditions AIVD (Aluminum Ion Vapor Deposition) coaters to your specifications. Collaborating with your staff, the Pregl team of engineers and craftsmen will design and provide the optimal, cost-effective solution for your coating application. Pregl maintains a complete set of engineering drawings for each customer job, ensuring accuracy and repeatability on future projects.

Our Capabilities

  • AIVD (Aluminum Ion Vapor Deposition) Coaters
  • Addition of Inert Gases
  • Control Upgrades and Modifications
  • Convection Heating Upgrade
  • Diffusion Pump Upgrades
  • Motor Upgrades
  • Pumping System Upgrades
  • Vacuum Gauge Upgrades Special Applications
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Recondition Boat Rack
  • Overhaul mechanical and diffusion pumps