Pregl knows NEW hot zones!

Our Pregl Furnace Mate™ Hot Zones are engineered and custom-crafted:

  • to match the “form, fit and function” of your original hot zone
  • to install into your existing furnace without needing to modify the chamber
  • to improve your furnace’s performance and longevity
  • for ease of installation
  • for ease of maintenance

2 types of NEW hot zone construction.

Pregl Furnace Mate™ standard graphite hot zones provide durability and a high level of thermal efficiency. Each Pregl all-graphite hot zone includes insulation with graphite felt and graphite board with a hot face of bonded graphite foil. Pregl hot zone elements are designed to be quick and easy to install.

Pregl Furnace Mate™ all-metal hot zones are the choice when you need a very clean processing atmosphere. Pregl Furnace Mate™ all-metal hot zones include a heat shield package with three layers of molybdenum backed by two stainless steel sheets.

Only Pregl includes all installation hardware – standard!

All NEW Pregl Furnace Mate™ Hot Zones are modular in design for ease of installation.