Pregl repairs, rebuilds and reconditions vacuum furnaces to your specifications.

Collaborating with your staff, the Pregl team of engineers and craftsmen will design and provide the optimal, cost-effective solution for your heat treating application. Pregl maintains a complete set of engineering drawings for each customer job, ensuring accuracy and repeat-ability on future projects.

Our Capabilities

  • Vacuum Horizontal Furnaces
  • Vacuum Vertical Furnaces
  • Addition of Inert Gases
  • Bung Kits
  • Control Upgrades and Modifications
  • Convection Heating Upgrade
  • Diffusion Pump Upgrades
  • Furnace Door Actuator Upgrades
  • Furnace Trim Control Modifications
  • Hearth Upgrades
  • Heat Exchanger Upgrade
  • Motor Upgrades
  • Pumping System Upgrades
  • Step-down Transformer
  • Vacuum Gauge Upgrades Special Applications
  • Plasma Nitriding
  • Chamber Water Jacket Cleaning
  • Sandblasting & painting
  • Recondition Hot Zone
  • Overhaul mechanical and diffusion pumps
  • Evaluate heat exchangers
  • Evaluation of Components
  • Hot Zone Repairs, Rebuilds and Reconditioning
  • Vacuum Pump Repairs, Rebuilds and Reconditioning